Our learning environments

We cherish our natural and built environments. Outdoors the children make connections with nature as they climb old trees, race across the grass, float boats in our creek, dig in sand and dirt, swing up to the sky and let imaginations flourish whilst playing on the treehouses.

Children have opportunities to develop awareness and practices of sustainability. Through tending our vegetable gardens, observing the stingless bees, caring for our worm farm, recycling and reusing materials, conserving water and electricity, reading stories and learning songs. We believe for children must connect with nature in order to care for their world.

Our well resourced indoor spaces are home to inviting materials which engage the children’s thinking, creativity and skills. It is a place where opportunities for social interactions are limitless. Possibilities abound of – who will I be, who will I play with, what materials can I use, what can I discover and what can I share?